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Website Development

A Digital Presence is a must to excel in today’s day and age. But have you ever wondered what user experience your digital presence is offering? The results might surprise you.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

By the time you read this, your customer would start a new conversation about your brand and a socially active competitor would try to make a strategy to take them away from you.

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Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing

Since our inception in 2011, we have helped over 200 brands in their SEM efforts. SEO has changed over the years and our Search Engine Marketing expertise has exemplified with the changing times.

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Design & Branding

A good brand design is much more than creating an artwork which looks good and have your band logo on it. Creatives need to communicate to the right TG invoking an action from them.


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How is Instagram Marketing Necessary for Global Brand Growth?

We've been in this game for a while now. Whether you're looking to buy instagram followers or you're looking for a fully dedicated Instagram account manager, we can help. But before this, let us explain why Instagram marketing is crucial for those with online businesses, especially in 2018. When Instagram started its meek journey in 2010, did anyone think that it would transform into today’s social media giant?

Guess, no! However, catching up with Facebook and Twitter, Instagram is now the go-to platform not only for posting pretty images but also for boosting up brand marketing! In fact, statistics show that –

  • 28% of all United States’ citizens use Instagram.
  • 75% of Insta’s user base resides outside US.
  • 700 million active users dominate the platform every month.
  • 95+ million images & videos get shared every day.

With such high flux of people concentrated on this platform, you can clearly understand why instagram marketing becomes a necessity today for your brand to GROW!

Marketing on Instagram – Why brands need it?

A full-fledged platform breaking global records of growing follower counts, Instagram allows each and every brand to humanize content, promote their products and services, acquire fresh talent and also, inspire its target audience!

So, if you are still in doubt, shoo them away as you are missing out on something truly huge when it comes to brand marketing on Instagram.

Let’s see why…

  1. Brand storytelling gets better on Insta hub!

Every brand has a story to tell! And Insta is truly a platform that is centered on storytelling.

Storytelling has engaged readers since ages. Recounting or retelling funny memorable events on the part of your brand will definitely hook your audience. If you are wondering how to fit this from your business perspective, then you must know that telling an intriguing brand story proves a great way to bond with your audience.

If you share videos of behind-the-scenes, that sure is the best way to make your audience know you. Furthermore, you also build a potentially healthy relationship with your customers making them a loyal future clientele. Constant sharing and posting images or clips boost up your brand visibility, thus, enhancing your market base.

  1. Extend your brand reach through instagram marketing

Being a global platform, it offers niche businesses a great potential to gain huge user base within a short period.

You can easily achieve this by the Insta famous hashtag policy. Hashtags prove the best way to get your contents projected in the right manner on this platform. However, catching a strong client base and that too with hashtags needs a bit of research.


  • Use relevant hashtags that perfectly go with your brand content.
  • Do not use unnecessary hashtags which will confuse your audience.
  • Moreover, creating targeted advertisements brings even more possibilities to gain audience base. So, set a budget, and invest your time and energy to reach out to your audience.
  1. Visual posting required for every marketing campaign

Marketing on Instagram increases your brand visibility and also, enhances your image gaining popularity on a wider base. Moreover, you can also use marketing channels like blog and email newsletters for the contents you post on Instagram.

Social media experts state that visual content has almost 600% more engagement rate than normal text posts. You need to ensure that your followers keep coming back for more. Instagram, in this case, works wonder as it helps you to post visual image contents that resonate truly with your set audience. Once you know what and when to post, your branding goes to the next level, thus, increasing your foothold across borders.

  1. Bond with your Community on Instagram

Did you know that Insta actually projects the maximum engagement rate beating Facebook and Twitter?

Additionally, it also enhances customer engagement more for thriving brands, compared to other social media channels. This shows that users of this platform are much more interested in knowing respective brand contents here than on other social media channels. If you want to generate leads for future, then you need to start commenting and tagging people who relate to your products and services. It is not just about posting images and videos, but you’ll also have to build a marketing relationship where you as a brand will interact with your target group on a more personal level.

  1. Go with the latest trends

The latest Instagram trends include Insta Stories, Insta Grid and boomerangs and GIFs. When a person visits your profile, he or she looks for something unique. Having a colorful and themed profile which correctly illustrates your brand products will surely build up a more enhanced bond with your follower base.

  1. Brand Personality building on Insta

It does not matter whether you are a sole entrepreneur or a conglomerated personality. Behind every brand, there lies a background that needs to be projected on a social media channel. Therefore, in this respect, Instagram becomes the go-to platform for every marketeer.

You know, they say, “If you have it, flaunt it” and it is indeed true when it comes to building your brand personality. Celebrate your brand mascot, your milestones or your birthdays on Instagram. Your audience wants to know who you truly are; so, better post images and videos that show your brand identity in its true character.

  1. Instagram is friendly for any marketeer

Insta, unlike other social media giants, does not use Edgerank or other algorithms to regulate what your brand audience sees. Every post, every image or video you share remains active in your Insta gallery. This increases future views, and with the latest Instagram Direct feature, direct messaging also has started to function here.

A marketeer can use this tool to deal with his brand’s customer service by starting up private interactions with clients. A highly interactive media site, Instagram allows every brand to connect directly with its customers. You can answer your client’s questions and easily manage your follower handle.

Brand Boosting gains ground on Instagram Marketing!

It is true that you want your brand to thrive and strive successfully without a glitch in this highly digitized era. Today, everyone is “ONLINE”, and everyone wants to know what products they are buying before clicking the “add to cart” option. Instagram, perhaps, is that only platform that gives you the scope to project and promote your brand’s products in the correct way, ensuring you get a heavy lead generation to make you the niche ruler for tomorrow’s market!

Like we mentioned above, we're not new to this. We've been in the Instagram industry for a long time, having worked with many great services and startups - ranging from companies who offer high quality Instagram followers, likes and views (Buzzoid) to high profile Instagram influencers with over 1M followers.

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